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CNC machining,

custom and conventional machining

At Atelier MG, high technology and
experience go hand in hand with confidence

Machining brings together a series of part manufacturing processes that help produce the best in tools or mechanical parts. At Atelier MG, the processes used allow a high level of performance, for your complete satisfaction.

Do you want to improve your installations by optimizing the industrial parts of your machinery?


Our wide range of state-of-the-art numerically control machine tools and conventional equipment meet your most demanding manufacturing needs and perform high-precision maneuvers.

Trust a team of the most competent. Our quality standards are recognized and we are proud of them.

See our Swiss CNC Lathe in action!

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A variety of machining processes for a variety of projects:

Turning • Boring • Grinding •  Milling • Broaching • Threading • Hydraulic pressing • Quality control through rigorous inspection

Atelier MG: the solution!


Swiss CNC Turning

High performance and mastery of perfection

The Atelier MG team of machinists is always on the lookout for the latest technologies in its field and makes sure to master them to perfection. Swiss-type CNC multi-axis turning is one of the most advanced cutting-edge techniques available today.


Automatically fed multi-spindle tables allow the rapid industrial manufacture of large quantities of turned parts simultaneously and continuously. This process surpasses other systems of its kind in quality and remains extremely efficient for the production of large quantities of components of complex and specific miniature parts.


Flexibility and inventiveness
Tailor-made service

Do you have a precision machining project that is out of the ordinary? No problem, we'll tailor it for you! We have the team experienced in technical drawings to read or adapt your plans as needed and the sophisticated equipment to design the most original parts desired.

At Atelier MG, we are creative and resourceful!

Digital and conventional machining

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