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Expertise and services


Atelier MG :

Leader in the field of machining


Passionate, perfectionists, attentive and efficient, Atelier MG's experts carry out work of exemplary quality, while respecting your requirements.

Everything we do, we do it well and even very well!

Precision and efficiency


Our production and manufacturing techniques are at the cutting edge of all innovations in the field. Our team knows all the workings and practices. The work is done with masterful precision and, above all, we take good care of you!
We are precise
We are efficient
And courteous as well!

Digital technologies and advances


Digital accuracy allows us to perform work of exceptional precision and remarkable finesse. The world of machining is progressing rapidly and requires increasingly sophisticated equipment. You have to know how to adapt and always be on top of new technological avenues. Our company keeps abreast of everything that may arise in new state-of-the-art technologies.

and quality


A quality team produces quality work. Each Atelier MG machinist masters all stages of his work to perfection. They are all rigorously focused on their task and can thus offer you this quality in large quantities if necessary.
Quantity orders
Small or large parts
It doesn't scare us!

Our services

For projects of all sizes and complexity, we offer our full range of professional services:

Service-Usinage numerique et conventionn

Custom and conventional digital machining

Our wide range of state-of-the-art digital machine tools and conventional equipment meet your most demanding manufacturing needs and perform high-precision maneuvers.

Welding and assembly                  

Steel, stainless steel, aluminum…

Our welding is solid!

The assembly is just as important! All this is done by skilled, meticulous and perfectionist machinists for your complete satisfaction.


Robotic welding

Thanks to the most recent robotic technologies and our trained programmer-machinists, our welding robot achieves your projects in an astonishing and impeccable manner.

Black oxide treatment

Black oxide treatment is a must for part durability, for better rust protection, an attractive finish and more.

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